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28.06.2010: G20 summit agrees on deficit cuts by 2013- BBC News
25.06.2010: Cameron wants global recovery at top of summit agenda- Guardian
30.03.2010: G8 ministers call for strong measures against Iran- Reuters
29.03.2010: G8 foreign ministers to focus on Iran sanctions- Yahoo News
19.01.2010: Canada jails Toronto truck bomb plotter Zakaria Amara - BBC News
10.12.2009: Canada knew of Afghan detainee abuse risk: general- Yahoo News
26.11.2009: Canada generals deny ignoring Afghan abuse warning- Yahoo News
19.11.2009: Canada hears of Afghan 'torture' - BBC News
14.11.2009: Ottawa fights repatriation of Guantanamo inmate- Reuter
03.11.2009: Canadian's bid to sue US rejected - BBC News
16.07.2009: Omar Khadr was denied basic human rights, panel finds- alarabiya
22.04.2009: Canada chides U.S. for remarks on 9/11 plotters- Reuters
09.01.2009: Canadian union seeks to ban Israeli academics- alarabiya
10.11.2008: Canada won't extend Afghan commitment, minister says- Reuters
30.10.2008: Canadian found guilty of UK terror plot- The Independent
26.09.2008: 'Terror plot' Canadian found guilty - Al Jazeera
17.07.2008: Canada will not press for young Gitmo inmate's return- Gulf news
01.07.2008: Canadian loses U.S. appeal in Syrian torture case- Reuters
29.01.2008: Canada threatens to pull soldiers from Afghanistan- Reuters
15.05.2007: One Turkish City Countering Fear of Islam’s Reach- The NewYork Times
15.05.2007: World Taekwondo Upholds Ban of Headscarves under Helmets- Islamtoday
24.04.2007: Canadian row over Afghan 'abuse'- BBC NEWS
07.06.2006: Canada terror suspects in court- BBC News
03.06.2006: Suspects held in Toronto terror raids- Al-Jazeera
25.03.2006: Canadian Muslim Students Face More Racist- Islam Online
13.02.2006: Canadian Religious Leaders Meet Over Cartoons- Islam Online
22.12.2005: Canadian Convention Celebrates Islamic Civilization- Islam Online
08.12.2005: Khadr returns to Toronto after Pakistani release- CBC News
27.09.2005: Canada to Help India’s Nuclear programme- Reuters
18.09.2005: Galloway: Canada Has Role in 'Massacre'- Ottawa Sun
13.09.2005: Ontario Scraps Plans for Shari`ah Courts After Protests- IslamOnline
09.09.2005: Protesters Condemn Canada's Sharia Court Plan- Independant
01.09.2005: Canada's Military Involvement in Afghanistan-
28.08.2005: Canada Accused of Abetting Torture- AlJazeera
09.06.2005: Security Targets Canadian Muslims- IslamOnline
08.03.2005: Canada Urged to Scrap Terror Law- AFP
05.03.2005: Canadian Police Seizes Laptop from Daughter of Qaeda Leader- Daily Times Monitor
23.02.2005: 'Canada to Reject US Missile Plan'- Reuters
11.12.2004: Uncharged Suspect Kept in Canada Jail- Reuters
26.06.2004: 'They Arrested Me and Shackled the Feet of My Son'- Counterpunch.Org
14.06.2004: Battling Phantoms on Sharia Law- TheStar.Com
02.06.2004: Canada's Guantanamo Bay- The Canadian Press
30.04.2004: The Dirty Work of Canadian Intelligence- CounterPunch.Org
27.04.2004: Flight from the Fight- Guardian
01.04.2004: Arrested Canadian Pakistani Linked to British Raids- DailyTimes
26.02.2004: Helmy Elsherief Released-
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